Services – EMF Testing, Research, and Phone Consultations

We conduct EMF assessments of homes, covering wireless communications and emissions from wired sources, addressing Radio Frequency Radiation (RF), Magnetic Fields, Electric Fields and Harmonics, commonly referred to as Dirty Electricity.  We provide individualized recommendations to reduce exposure. A report with findings and recommendations will be emailed to you generally within 10 days of your assessment.

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We have little control over the amount of toxins we are exposed to outside of our home; however, we have a significant amount of control over the amount of toxins that enter our home.

Clients range from those seeking relief from mysterious symptoms to those wishing to minimize exposure to environmental risk factors.  Services include:

EMF/RF Assessment

We assess high use areas within homes and commercial facilities.  These can range from work spaces, sleeping areas, and children’s play and study areas.

EMF/RF Mitigation

While all assessments include individualized recommendations for ways to reduce exposure to EMF and RF, this session is for those who have already identified an issue and are uncertain what to do next.

Home Buyer's and Renter's Assessment

Designed for those considering rental or purchase of a home, Current Living provides valuable information about internal and external levels of EMF and RF found onsite.

Phone Consultations and Research

Have you just learned about EMF and RF and you don’t know where to start?  Heard about a product that you’d like us to research more in-depth for you? Or are you overseas, and have some questions about some measurements that have recently been taken?  These are just some of the reasons why people call us for a phone consultation or for research support.

Serving Connecticut, and New England, with phone consultations available within our service area and internationally.

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