As a certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant (BBEC), Elizabeth Pond Reza conducts healthy indoor assessments of homes and offices, focusing on electromagnetic radiation, commonly referred to as electromagnetic fields, (EMFs). During these assessments, Elizabeth also provides individualized recommendations to reduce exposure to identified sources. The assessments typically include magnetic and electric fields, dirty electricity and radio frequency radiation (RF).

cell tower These assessments can be very helpful, not only for a current living situation, but when considering the purchase or lease of a property.  Current Living’s work is conducted utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and testing methods developed and refined in Europe.

We have little control over the amount of toxins we are exposed to in our daily lives when we are out in the world; however, we have a significant amount of control over the amount of toxins that enter our home.

Clients range from those seeking relief from mysterious symptoms potentially brought on or exacerbated by EMFs to those wishing to keep their exposure to environmental risk factors to a minimum. Services are provided throughout New England, with phone consultations available nationwide and internationally.

Services are tailored to the particular needs of the client and may include:

Introductory EMF Assessment

Focusing on a high-use room, such as a workspace, sleeping area, or child’s play area in the home or office. In addition to assessing indoor sources of EMF, such as home wiring, household appliances, and wireless devices, depending upon the location of the room, areas of consideration may also include nearby power lines, cellphone towers, electrical substations, transformers, and smart meters.

Comprehensive EMF Assessment

Similar to the Introductory Assessment but broader in scope, addressing high use areas throughout the home or office.

EMF Reduction Session

While all assessments include individualized recommendations for ways to reduce exposure to EMFs, this session focuses more on what to do if an EMF issue has been identified. This session can be especially helpful for those who may have already identified an EMF issue in their home or office and are uncertain what to do next.

Home Buyer's Assessment

Designed for those considering the purchase of a house or land, Current Living provides valuable information about internal and external levels of EMFs found onsite. In addition to assessing EMFs generated from home wiring, areas of consideration may also include nearby power lines, cellphone towers, electrical substations, transformers, and smart meters, depending upon the site. Those considering the lease of an apartment can also benefit from this type of assessment.

Targeted Assessment

Addressing an area of concern related to a particular exposure such as power lines, an electrical substation, cell phone tower, or smart meter. Some clients may also have identified a high EMF reading in their home, and need help identifying solutions.

Creating a Sleep Sanctuary or Green Nursery

Going beyond EMFs, this option includes the services of an Introductory Assessment, along with recommendations for bedding, furnishings, cleaning products, and lighting, all designed to support healthful rest.

Phone Consultation

Have you just learned about EMF and you don’t know where to start?  Or are you overseas, and have some questions about some measurements that have recently been taken?  These are just some of the reasons why people call us for a phone consultation.

Current Living welcomes referrals from doctors and other health care providers.

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